Become Mplus-Confident in a Weekend

Mplus is an incredibly powerful and flexible tool for performing complex analyses, but getting started with it can be pretty challenging. In this beginner-friendly, self-paced short course, Christian Geiser walks you through each step of performing your first structural equation models--from preparing your dataset, to writing syntax--all the way to reporting results for publications, theses, or dissertations. By the end of the course, you will:

  • Be able to quickly and easily prepare your dataset for analysis

  • Have a thorough understanding of every part of Mplus output

  • Gain command of the syntax required for performing confirmatory factor analysis and SEM, including mediation analysis

  • Learn an effective framework for reporting SEM analyses in publications

Meet Your Instructor

Christian Geiser, Ph.D.

Dr. Christian Geiser is a Professor of Quantitative Psychology at Utah State University, author of two books on Mplus, and a leader in the development of S.E.M. techniques for complex data. With his accessible books and sought-after workshops, he has helped thousands of researchers and students around the world to achieve their analytic goals. He created Mplus from Scratch to empower budding structural equation modelers to become fearless in their use of the software and to push their research in exciting new directions.    

Preregistration is open now

'Mplus from Scratch' launches December 14, 2020

To secure your spot for the preregistration price of $179, follow the link below. The price goes up to $199 once the course is live. All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.


  • I don't have access to Mplus. Can I still benefit from this course?

    Absolutely. You can engage in the full curriculum using only the demo version of Mplus, which is FREE. Dr. Geiser will provide instructions about getting the demo installed on your computer.

  • I have pretty limited statistical training. Will I be completely lost?

    A graduate-level course in regression is helpful, but Dr. Geiser clearly explains key regression concepts in the course to ensure your success. The course is perfect for undergrads all the way through seasoned professionals.

  • There is no way that I will be able to set aside the three days required to take this course. Is the timing flexible?

    We understand completely! The timing is entirely up to you. Once you enroll and the course has launched, you will have unlimited access to the content. Take the time you need--but we do recommend trying to complete your training within a couple of weeks to keep your learning consistent.

  • Will you give me feedback on my analyses?

    Unfortunately, personal feedback is not possible given the volume of researchers we serve. We are certain that Dr. Geiser's thorough approach to guiding you through every step of using Mplus, along with the helpful handouts and guides included in the course, will enable you to successfully perform SEM with your own data. Note that we are always happy to help you navigate any technical issues related to the course itself.

Course Details

Mplus from Scratch uses Christian Geiser's video-based instruction in combination with associated datasets, syntax, and worksheets to form a solid foundation for performing S.E.M. and its extensions. The course is broken into 3 'days', though the timing in which you work through the course is entirely up to you. Keep scrolling to learn more about what to expect:  

Day 1:  Preparation and basic Mplus procedures

Learn to quickly and efficiently prepare your dataset and read it into Mplus | Perform and interpret simple analyses | Prevent frustration with a detailed troubleshooting lesson. 

>>Data preparation in SPSS, reading data into Mplus, BASIC analysis

>>Specification of simple regression models, interpretation of Mplus output, basic troubleshooting

Day 1 resources include step-by-step video tutorials, a practice dataset, all syntax, and a printable troubleshooting guide.

Day 2:  Path Analysis & Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Analyze and interpret path analytic models | Analyze and interpret indirect (mediation) effects using bootstrapping techniques | Perform confirmatory factor analyses.

>>Path analysis, analyzing indirect (mediated) effects, bootstrapping

>>Confirmatory factor analysis, goodness of fit assessment

Day 2 resources include step-by-step video tutorials, a practice dataset, all syntax, and printable guides for 1) interpreting and reporting mediation results and 2) interpreting and reporting confirmatory factor analyses.    

Day 3:  Latent Variable Structural Equation Modeling & Growth Curve Analysis  

Analyze and interpret latent variable structural equation models | Learn best practices for reporting results in publications

>>Integration of confirmatory factor analysis, path analysis, and mediation analysis

>>BONUS:  Intro to latent growth modeling!

>>Reporting guidelines for publications

Day 3 resources include step-by-step video tutorials, a practice dataset, all syntax, and a printable guide to publishing SEM results.  

How the Course Works

Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1.  Enroll in the course. You will receive a receipt by email from QuantFish and instructions for accessing your Student Dashboard.  Mplus from Scratch will be available to access starting December 14, 2020 at 8:00 am MST. Prior to this time, the course will be listed as 'Coming Soon' on the dashboard.

Step 2.  Once the course is live, you are free to begin.  Visit your student dashboard, click on Mplus from Scratch, and watch Dr. Geiser's introductory video to get started.  Subsequent lessons are shown to you in sequential order, along with the PDF resources.  Plan on each day (module) to take about three hours, plus practice time.  At the completion of the course, we will provide a certificate of completion that you can use for your own professional needs.    

Step 3.  Share your success! The best part of our work here at QuantFish is seeing our trainees implement their newfound analytic skills in their own research.  We LOVE hearing about published papers and successful defenses.  Find us on Facebook or shoot us an email so we can celebrate with you! 

Satisfaction Guarantee

QuantFish is dedicated to providing courses that improve your analytic skills with accessible lessons from the world's leading methodologists.  Mplus from Scratch is backed by a complete money-back guarantee for 7 days following the start of the course.  

Mplus from Scratch

Dr. Christian Geiser gives you the tools you need to analyze, interpret, and report your first S.E.M. in 3 days.

Pre-register now to secure your spot for $179.
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